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Clemence Cheok

No two coffees are the same, so always be open to trying new ones from all around the world.

Clemence is passionate about connecting people with coffee. Clemence first tried coffee long ago in a local shop with his father - but he hated that black, bitter liquid then.

When he was 17 years old, Clemence joined Starbucks but still disliked coffee. His side gig at Starbucks led him to become Head Barista at another company, but all of his training experience was internal, never public-facing. The social cause drew Clemence to Bettr Barista because he was interested to be part of something meaningful.

Becoming a trainer at Bettr Barista was Clemence’s coffee fix. As a very people-oriented person, he was energised by coffee’s magical ability to connect strangers. Clemence loves meeting new people in every class with whom he can share his coffee journey and motivate them to embark on the same adventure.


Favourite drink: Magic - double ristretto in a 5-ounce cup

Fun fact: Clemence drums for church, is mad about soccer, hates roller coaster rides and is half a human in the water.


  • WDA ACTA-Certified Trainer and Assessor (2019)
  • SCA Authorised Trainer (2019)
  • SCA Barista Skills Foundation
  • SCA Barista Skills Intermediate
  • SCA Barista Skills Professional
  • SCA Brewing Foundation
  • SCA Sensory Foundation
  • SCA Green Coffee Foundation