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Jeanette Lee

The more you learn, the less you know, but that’s the joy in it.

Jean is a coffee geek, curious about the math and science of coffee.

Coffee is swirled with nostalgia for Jean. A distinct memory from her youth is coffee brewed by Jean’s aunt, which she drank but once a year. Local style coffee, brewed mighty strong, and taken black with sugar. It was rich, sweet, comforting and delicious!

Jean simply happened to be in the right place, at the right time, to witness the birth of Bettr Barista some 9 years ago. She has been in coffee ever since, and became a trainer because learning is one of Jean’s personal joys. Before, she used to lead some internal trainings in Excel and minute-taking (geek alert!). Jean is passionate about learning, and as with all passions, is happy to share it. Plus, the best way to learn is to train, and it’s a continual journey, an exciting journey. “Keep an open mind,” Jean advises. “You’re going to find out that the more you learn the less you know, but that’s the joy in it.” 


Favourite drink: No favourite - keep discovering new coffees!


  • 2013, Specialty Coffee Association of Europe / Specialty Coffee Association - Authorised SCA Trainer, Brew & Barista
  • 2013 @ Singapore Training & Development Association - Advanced Certificate in Training & Assessment
  • 2015 @ The Specialty Coffee Association of Europe SCAE Coffee Diploma
  • 2016 @ Coffee Quality Institute Q Arabica Grader
  • 2017 @ Institute for Adult Learning Diploma in Adult and Continuing Education