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Josephine Teo

It doesn’t matter how many times you fall. How you pick yourself up is what matters.

Jo grew up with robusta beans, our local kopitiam coffee which is known to be strong and bitter. During her career as an interior designer, coffee was merely a tool to stay awake.

Jo is involved in the social side of the academy, training the HT programme students.

When she first came to Bettr Barista as part of the 7th HT intake, Jo learned that coffee can be a whole range of tastes besides bitter and strong. The HT programme was an opportunity to challenge herself - even to conquer her fear of heights by rock climbing!

Jo became a trainer after finishing the HT programme to provide coffee expertise on the social side. Training was a step forward for Jo to combine her skills with her social path, as well as a chance to pay forward what she experienced. To prospective HT students, Jo says, “You’re bound to fall and want to give up, but at Bettr Barista we don’t look at how many times you may fall. We’re interested in how many times you’re going to pick yourself up. This is the step to do that, while learning something new.” Jo is passionate about using coffee as part of training and mentoring for everyday life.


Favourite drink: Cappuccino

Fun fact: Jo absolutely loves water sports, even though she can’t swim.