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Lin Lin

When there's a will, there’ll always be a way.

As a milk tea fanatic, Lin Lin’s initial exposure to coffee was limited to large, multinational chains.

It was only when her friend started her own cafe business that she realised there’s so much more to discover in the world of coffee, and her interest was piqued through latte art. ‘Don’t get me interested in anything. Once I discover a passion for something, I’d dive headfirst into it,’ she chuckles. True to that, with prior experience in food and beverage industry operations, she decided to give it a shot in the coffee industry.

Through her friend’s recommendation, she began her journey as a Bettr student and her passion grew over time, which led her to be a Bettr trainer. Working towards her dream goal of opening a cafe someday, Lin Lin stays motivated to build up a strong foundation in coffee… and english too! ‘I won’t stop at teaching Barista Skills Foundation course only - I’ll continue to brush up on my skills and knowledge so that in future, I’ll be able to teach more courses!’


Favourite drink: Latte

Fun fact: I used to think latte art is painted over coffee.