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Lydia Goh

Be open to tastes, and never be afraid to make mistakes.

Lydia is an SCA authorised trainer who enjoys meeting people and creating relationships over a cup of coffee.

When Lydia was just about 8 or 9 years old, her grandmother made her a small cup of local kopi, sweetened with condensed milk - thick and yummy! To this day, she still has vivid memories of her grandmother making kopi with a small sock filter and serving it in the quintessential, old-school kopi cups. To her. a good and memorable cup is about the experience, often shared over conversations with friends and family, although these days she drinks more chinese tea!

Education has always been Lydia’s calling - she went from lecturing in hospitality to lecturing in coffee!


Favourite drink: Espresso with a dash of cold milk

Fun fact: Lydia doesn’t actually drink local kopi now, unfortunately due to acid reflux :(


  • SCAE Barista Skills Level 1, Bettr Barista, 2013
  • SCA Barista Skills Intermediate, Bettr Barista, 2014
  • SCA Barista Skills Professional, Bettr Barista, 2017
  • SCA Brewing Foundation, Bettr Barista, 2016
  • WDA ACTA-Certified Trainer and Assessor (2016)
  • SCA Brewing Intermediate, Bettr Barista, 2017
  • SCA Brewing Professional, Bettr Barista, 2018
  • SCA Sensory Foundation, Bettr Barista, 2018
  • DACE, Diploma in Adult Continuing Education (2017)
  • SCA Green Coffee Foundation, Bettr Barista, 2017
  • SCA Green Coffee Intermediate, Bettr Barista, 2018
  • SCA Authorised Trainer (2019)
  • ESTA Authorised Tea Certifier (2022)