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Oscar Goh

Filter coffee, not people. Be true to yourself, as well as others.

Having spent half his life in the hospitality and service industry, it’s been almost 7 years since Oscar delved into the specialty coffee scene.

He vividly remembers the first time he took a sip of blue mountain coffee that his father brought back home, how the taste lingered and he yearned for more. During the time that coffee chains and cafes were up and rising, he realised that each type of coffee had their own uniqueness, but many were unaware and unable to appreciate.

Joining Bettr, he found greater meaning in educating not only the general public, but also helping the marginalised community discover their potential through coffee training. “People and coffee keeps me going. There’s the 4Cs that are important to me - communication, connecting, culture and coffee. With communication, you’ll be able to impact, connect, and build strong relationships bound by coffee!”


  • SCA Barista Skills Foundation 
  • SCA Brewing Foundation 
  • SCA Sensory Foundation 
  • SCA Green Coffee Foundation