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Rachel Pang

Coffee makes everything better.

It was love at first sight with her first cup of specialty coffee 10 years ago. Back then, as a coffee novice, she was intrigued by its pleasant taste and latte art, which got her completely hooked on coffee.

Driven by curiosity and determination, she successfully made her mark in the coffee industry, attaining outstanding achievements and qualifications. To date, she has also participated in judging for various global events such as the Singapore National Barista Championship 2022, Malaysia Barista Championship, and the Malaysia Latte Art Championship 2022.

Having once pursued her SCA Diploma with us, Rachel jumped at the chance to join the Bettr family as a trainer. She saw this as an opportunity to venture into new learning, expanding on her existing coffee and operations expertise from her 3-year stint at Baristart Coffee. ‘As I teach beginners, it reminds me of how I started. The more I teach, the more I love.’ Through imparting her valuable skills and experience, she certainly holds high hopes in grooming the next generation of professional baristas to live their indescribable love and passion for coffee.


Favourite drink: Iced Coffee (due to Singapore weather)

Fun fact: I used to think coffee was meant to be chewed.