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Shaun Ong

Enjoy the drink, enjoy the craft, enjoy the profession.

Traveling coffee representative and trainer, Shaun Ong, is the brick and mortar of Bettr Barista’s academy.

Shaun has been in the business of coffee for over two decades. His early career began with the behemoth of coffee: Starbucks. Shaun quickly branched out into all areas of coffee and now travels the world sharing his knowledge of coffee from the ground level of a coffee tree all the way down to training baristas with BB. Shaun’s passion for teaching has directly contributed to building a global community of coffee in places like Myanmar, Laos, and the Philippines through his trainings and field work.

Shaun says, "If you’re a casual coffee lover: Enjoy the drink, enjoy the craft, enjoy the profession - Don’t get too technical, no one likes a coffee snob."


Favourite drink: Teh C Kosong Peng

Fun fact: Shaun actually drinks more tea than coffee!


  • SCA AST - Green Coffee, Sensory, Brew & Barista Skill
  • Technical & Sensory Judge - Singapore Barista Championships 2012-2015 
  • Planning Committee - Singapore National Coffee Championships 2014-2019
  • Head Judge - Philippines Latte Art & Coffee in Good Spirits Championships 2017
  • Visual & Sensory Judge - Inaugural Thailand National Coffee in Good Spirits Championships
  • Sensory Judge - Inaugural Saudi Arabia National Barista Championships 2018
    Green Coffee 
  • CQI Q Arabica & Robusta Grader
  • CQI Coffee Corps
  • Processing - Laos, Myanmar, Philippines & Vietnam
  • Judge - Philippines Coffee Quality Competition 2017, 2018
  • Judge - Papua New Guinea Green Coffee Competition 2018
  • Judge - Chiangmai Coffee Hub Green Coffee Competition 2018
  • Head Judge - SCI Yunan Green Coffee Cupping Competition 2017
  • Head Judge (Robusta) - Philippines Coffee Quality Competition 2019