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Apprentice Barista

Give yourself and your team the gift of knowledge. Pick up the essential skills and techniques to succeed as a barista today!

Brew Along
As a barista, you have the opportunity to create amazing coffee experiences for your customers.

Each and every encounter with a customer can be the beginning of a great coffee conversation. But to be a great barista, you’ll need the right skills and knowledge. This recommended selection of modules will equip entry-level baristas with the skills they need to make consistent, amazing cups of coffee and take their craft further.

The modules in the Apprentice Barista pathway cover topics such as coffee brewing, espresso extraction, milk texturing, and customer service. With this comprehensive training, your team will be equipped with skills to succeed and make every customer's coffee experience a memorable one.

Recommended Modules

We encourage learners to take these courses in the order listed below

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1. WSQ Provide Specialty Coffee Services

Discover the origins of coffee, farming and processing methods and try your hand at identifying flavour notes and coffee characteristics. Perfect your brewing methods to create delicious pour-overs, practise using the espresso machine to make espresso-based drinks, and get your first taste of creating latte art.

Bettr guide to Latte Art
2. Bettr Guide to Latte Art

Gain a refresher on the fundamentals of milk steaming and identifying different foam qualities, followed by a primer on proper pouring techniques and a demonstration of 4 basic latte art designs - monk’s head, heart, tulip and rosetta. Next, try your hand at mastering basic latte art designs with a trainer's guidance.

WSQ Food Safety Course Level 1
3. WSQ Food Safety Course Level 1

Whether you’re an aspiring chef, cafe and restaurant staff, or running your own F&B business from home, this course is for you. Learn how to prepare and handle food, ingredients, kitchen utensils and equipment safely and hygienically.

Optional: WSQ Prepare & Serve Hot Beverages

Be introduced to the world of heritage beverages and kopi with our experienced trainers. Learn all about the hot beverages served in traditional coffee shops and how to prepare them. You’ll also pick up skills on communicating more effectively with customers and co-workers.

Optional: WSQ Provide Specialty Tea

Embark on this specialty tea journey with us and be introduced to the six major tea types and their flavour profiles. Gain a deeper understanding of the principles of tea brewing methods, and learn to prepare and serve specialty tea in accordance with standard tea service guidelines.