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Apprentice Roaster

Aspiring to be a roaster? Here's a great place to start. Discover ways to express the unique origins of each bean and calibrate the perfect roast!

Apprentice Roaster
A fresh roast is the surest way to ensure a flavour-packed brew. And the surest way to obtain a fresh roast is to do it yourself!

Roasting your own coffee beans at home is a great way to ensure you always have fresh, flavourful coffee on hand, so join us and find out what it takes to start churning out great roasts. Whether you’re a prosumer enthusiast or an industry professional looking to broaden your knowledge, this pathway also allows you to experiment with different coffee varieties of different origins as well as variations in roasting perimeters to find the perfect cup of coffee tailored to your taste.

So if you've always dreamed of roasting your own beans, what are you waiting for? Start training with us today!

Recommended Modules

We encourage learners to take these courses in the order listed below

SCA Sens F
1. SCA Sensory Skills Foundation

Be introduced to the essentials of sensory evaluation. Investigate how our senses influence perception and how to apply this knowledge when evaluating coffee.

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2. SCA Roasting Foundation

Provides the learner an understanding of the roasting process, including the physical changes that take place during the process and how to control sensory aspects of coffee with a lighter or darker roast. Learners will also gain an understanding of the basic structure of the roasting machine, general maintenance, and fire prevention.