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Coffee Champion

Take your passion for coffee to the next level and into a fully-fledged career. Perfect for those who require the competence to manage Quality Control for a few outlets, this is how you gain a vital advantage!

Coffee Champion
So you want to take your barista career to the next level? 

The coffee champion pathway is perfect for industry professionals looking to upgrade their skills or taking on additional responsibilities. This pathway will elevate your barista competencies, while also introducing you to the basics of brewing and sensory skills. This will in turn help you become competent at managing and maintaining coffee quality across outlets. So, what are you waiting for? Coffee champions are waiting to be made!

Recommended Modules

We encourage learners to take these courses in the order listed below

SCA Barista Skills Int
1. SCA Barista Skills Intermediate

Learners will gain a deeper understanding of coffee, specifically the relationship between a coffee’s variety, origin or processing method and its flavour, as well as the parameters of coffee and their interaction when dialling in a brew recipe. It also covers drink construction, sensory aspects of espresso extraction, milk handling and techniques as well as latte art.

SCA Sens F
2. SCA Sensory Skills Foundation

Be introduced to the essentials of sensory evaluation. Investigate how our senses influence perception and how to apply this knowledge when evaluating coffee.

SCA Brew F
3. SCA Brewing Foundation

Introduces the learner to the different methods of brewing coffee in a theoretical and practical hands-on manner for a range of devices. This will include automatic and manual gravity brewers, as well as other commonly used brewers in Singapore.

Optional: SCA Barista Skills Professional

This course looks at the science of espresso extraction and how to use this knowledge to get the most from various beans. Learn to understand your espresso through tasting and blending exercises. Hone your senior barista skills by presenting different espressos, brewed using different parameters. It is a deep dive into the world of the espresso.

Sens I
Optional: SCA Sensory Skills Intermediate

Skill up by fortifying your senses. Delve into a wide range of topics, including the physiology of taste and aroma; the types of sensory analysis tests and the operation of a cupping session. Learn the diversity of coffee attributes, the use of the SCA Flavor Wheel and WCR Sensory Lexicon, and find out how a sensory analysis panel and session is implemented.