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Start your F&B business the Bettr way!

If you're looking to kickstart your business in the food and beverage industry, our WSQ-accredited courses are the perfect way to get ahead.

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Recommended Food and Beverage Courses

Build a solid foundation for your food and beverage business with our comprehensive training WSQ courses. From customer service to specialty coffee, tea, and alcoholic beverage preparation, our courses cover all the essentials. Enrol today and take the first step towards success in the industry!

WSQ Food Safety
1. WSQ Food Safety Course Level 1

Learn essential knowledge on how to safely and hygienically handle food, ingredients, kitchen utensils, and equipment, enabling you to prepare food with confidence.
This course is compulsory for all food handlers.

WSQ Counter Takeaway Service
2. WSQ Food & Beverage Service Level 2

This course is designed to equip food and beverage service providers and operators with the ability to provide counter and take-away services in accordance with the legislation requirements and organisational procedures.

WSQ Customer Service Excellence Level 1
3. WSQ Customer Service Excellence Level 1

Learn the fundamentals of customer service and effective communication tools. This course covers recommended feedback system and teaches learners how to respond to customers and improve service standards.

Coffee and Beverages courses

WSQ Provide Specialty Coffee Service course 992x555
WSQ Provide Specialty Coffee Service

Learn to make specialty coffee in this foundation barista course. Explore the origins of coffee, processing methods, and flavour notes to master the art of specialty coffee.

WSQ Specialty Tea
WSQ Provide Specialty Tea Service

Learn the six major tea types and their flavour profiles. Gain a deeper understanding of the principles of tea brewing methods, and learn to prepare and serve specialty tea in accordance with standard tea service guidelines.

WSQ Heritage Kopi Course
WSQ Prepare and Serve Hot Beverages

Be introduced to the world of heritage beverages and kopi and learn all about the hot beverages served in traditional coffee shops and how to prepare them.

NA Beverage course
WSQ Introduction to Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Learn to serve non-alcoholic beverages and handle customers with ease. This course covers product preparation, recommendations, and ingredient substitutions based on customer preferences.

WSQ alcoholic beverage course
WSQ Alcoholic Beverage Preparation Level 2

Learn to prepare alcoholic beverages and be introduced to basic concepts of alcoholic beverages and food pairing and learn the art of drink recommendations based on customer preferences.