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Professional Roaster

Keen to turn your passion for roasting coffee into your profession? Equip yourself with the necessary training to pursue your goal with these modules today

Professional Roaster
Discover what it takes to be a Pro Roaster and why roasting is so central to a coffee business.

Roasting for business requires knowledge on the fundamentals of roasting and an understanding of how different roasting profiles can affect the taste of coffee. Having basic knowledge and understanding of the explosive growth of green coffee, coffee processing methods, and buying allows a roaster to make the right purchasing decisions and alter profiles to showcase the coffees' attributes.

Along with the above, Sensory Foundation will enable the aspiring roaster to taste coffees objectively, understand how to maintain consistency and produce the best roasts for their business.

Recommended Modules

We encourage learners to take these courses in the order listed below

SCA Sensory Foundation
1. SCA Sensory Skills Foundation

Learners gain the ability to differentiate the sensory aspects of coffee including body, acidity, bitterness, and more. The course introduces fragrance identification references and also focuses on the purpose and procedure for conducting an SCA cupping.

SCA Green Coffee Foundation
2. SCA Green Coffee Foundation

Participants will learn about the specialty coffee supply chain from farm to roaster, including cultivation, harvesting, processing, drying, shipping, storage, and delivery. Within this supply chain, learners take a closer look at the principles of coffee growing, processing, grading, trade, and portfolio management.

BA Class Roasting 1 B Foundation 3 2 20 1
3. SCA Roasting Foundation

Provides the learner an understanding of the roasting process, including the physical changes that take place during the process and how to control sensory aspects of coffee with a lighter or darker roast. Learners will also gain an understanding of the basic structure of the roasting machine, general maintenance, and fire prevention.

Roasting Int
4. SCA Roasting Intermediate

The Roasting Intermediate course builds upon the introductory concepts of the Foundation course. Ideal for experienced roasters desiring a deeper understanding of the roast profile. Learn how a profile relates to colour, the relationship between roast profile and sensory expression, and the impact of development time.