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Brewing A Bettr World

Coffee here goes a long way beyond your cup, from nurturing sustainable trade to touching lives.


Every time you sip on your favourite brew, you’re really taking part in a web of human connections that delivered that cup of coffee into your hands.

At Bettr, we started out believing each of those relationships could and should be meaningfully enriched and purposefully improved. Just as a shot of an exquisitely roasted blend can lift moods and move hearts, we believe that coffee can have a far-reaching impact in every sense.

We are a force

for change, solidarity and inspiration

Educating, empowering marginalised groups and running holistic vocational programmes

Creating micro-enterprise opportunities by committing to direct, sustainable and direct trade relationships

Implementing stringent eco-conscious practices across everything we do

B corp green

B Be Bettr

We got a B-Grade and we’re exceptionally proud of it! And why shouldn’t we?

As a B-Corp, we belong to a global community of over 5,000 businesses that believe business should be more than just business.

Rather than just maximising profits, a B-Corp certified business has to meet stringent, routinely assessed standards that take into account the ethics of its operations, its concern for sustainability and the environment, its relationship with suppliers, consumers and the wider community, as well as the soundness of its governance.