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Coffee Made Right

Who says a humble bean can’t change the world?

Coffee Farmers B

Coffee is by far the world’s favourite drink and one of its most important commodities. With about 2 billion cups of coffee consumed around the world every day, the impact of its production, transport, and consumption cannot be anything but truly staggering.

The Bettr Coffee

We have always nurtured direct and personal connections with the farmers we work with – from Asia to Latin America. We put people and relationships over profits and believe money and resources should rightly be placed where the coffee is grown.

Pak Ekwan with Be Lift Green Beans
To brew a Bettr world, you need all the right ingredients, and none is too small or unimportant.

From empowering women and promoting community development to protecting fragile ecosystems, we seek to work with small-holders and other Rainforest Alliance or B Corp certified companies wherever possible, to realise our vision of a better world that begins with Bettr coffee.

Partners for a Bettr World

Pokmas Walida Cooperative
We source our coffee beans globally from sustainable producers.

100% of Bettr-branded coffees are intentionally sourced from small-holder farmers and/or certified sustainable sources (e.g. Rainforest Alliance certified).

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We ensure that our coffee producers are involved in value chains that benefit their community.

Our coffee growers recognise their position and impact within a micro-ecosystem. Their businesses are also social enterprises that benefit their direct communities. Employment is created on farms for low-income individuals and revenue is used to fund education opportunities for local children.

Finca Los Regalos Ronald
We support Fairtrade and organic coffee producers

Fairtrade aims to give farmers stability in an unpredictable environment through minimum pricing guarantees or ensuring that earnings go towards the improvement of quality and production. Certified organic coffee is traceable, sustainable, and seasonally grown.