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Social Programmes

At the core of Bettr are our Social Programmes for marginalised groups. We adopt a whole-person approach to personal development, impacting every individual in a caring, compassionate and meaningful way.

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Our unique model combines three areas to create transformational impact
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Since 2011, our social programmes

have trained more than 213 participants and benefited over 500 dependents

Our retail coffee bars are mainly staffed by graduates from our courses and social programmes. They have been provided with the necessary skills and training to help them become independent and self-sufficient, even when their career paths grow beyond Bettr.

We currently offer two social programmes for at-risk youth, marginalised women, and individuals from low-income/educational backgrounds.

We work with the marginalised

to find stable employment, by providing:

Holistic Training

- Emotional, mental, physical training, with coffee skills
- Includes internship and job placement
- Equipping graduates with confidence, emotional resilience and self-belief

Inclusive employment

- Hiring practices, culture and learning and development - intentionally created for marginalised individuals to thrive
- Life challenges are a ‘support need’ rather than a demerit point

Journey with our past grads

Even at my age, I can still do new things. I can still learn. There's no need to give up. I hope that whenever my kids feel like giving up in life, they will think about how their mum still went and studied at Bettr. Then they don't have to feel down.

Atika, 37 HT Batch 27 Graduate (2020)