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Bettr Guide to Latte Art-Basic Workshop

Coffee Appreciation

Hone your latte art pouring skills with our Bettr Guide to Latte Art-Basic Workshop.

Elevate your coffee skills at our guided, hands-on latte art workshop led by our experienced trainers. Immerse yourself in the creation of latte art designs and learn proper pouring techniques to achieve a picture perfect latte art!

What will be covered during the workshop?

Basic pitcher handling

Be familiarised with the correct way of holding the milk pitcher for a more stable and precise pour when making latte art.

Proper milk pouring techniques and pouring basic latte art designs

Get to learn the proper milk pouring techniques to ensure a consistent and precise flow of the milk when pouring. You will also get to try your hand at practising 4 basic latte art designs which are the monk's head, heart, tulip and rosetta.