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Discovering a Path of Purpose: Azhar's Transformation through the Bettr Work Training Programme

"Do something that gives you a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day and something that you can say that you were proud to be a part of in the long run."

Yu Xin: An Unexpected Journey to a Surprise Destination

"If I hadn’t joined the programme, honestly I wouldn’t have been in the same place that I’m in now. I wouldn’t have been happy or proud of myself the way I am."

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Hui Zhen: The Best Place to Be is the Present

"I was able to find myself, and I realise how much my anxiety had hampered me. The programme gave me a solution and a way forward."

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Le Le: Waking Up to a Bettr World

"Now, I feel like I've learnt a lot. My world opened up. I get to experience the outside world, and interact with people.”

Embarking on a New Journey

As our Bettr Work Training (BWT) Programme trainees embark on their learning journey, here’s a glimpse at what they’ve been up to!

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Lincoln: A Bettr Tomorrow

“I tell myself, tomorrow will be better. Feelings are only temporary and they’ll pass - you won’t feel sad forever.”

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Aidil: Finding a Friend in Bettr

"I was worried initially, but it got better as I picked up new skills along the way...once you start learning something, you’ll want to continue learning more."

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Emerging Stronger and Bettr

This month, we gathered in-person to say HELLO to the fresh new faces onboard our Bettr Work Training (BWT) Programme.

Michel: Writing A New Chapter

He may look like your friendly neighbourhood barista, but there’s more to Michel’s story. “I never had the thought of giving up when I took the course."