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10 May 2022 | Cheryl Ng

A Leap of Faith

In April, our social programmes buzzed with great synergy as we took our first shot at running concurrent intakes. That meant more trainees and larger scale activities. How exciting! Let’s zoom in on what took place during the Bettr Work Training (BWT) Programme and Holistic Training (HT) Programme.

HT31 Intro Feed

Caring for their plants constantly reminds our trainees to be responsible for their own growth, as day by day, we witness their change as well.

As part of their holistic training, we hope that they learn to embrace change, thrive in an ideal environment and work their way towards a promising future.


As our tradition goes, with smiles and cheers, we welcomed our new BWT Programme trainees onboard the Bettr family. Following rounds of introduction getting to know one another, we certainly felt their burst of youthful energy from our screens. Greatly looking forward to their growth and realising their potential together on this Bettr learning journey!

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With both intakes running concurrently, what better way to foster camaraderie and encourage socialisation than through bouldering? We were back at Boulder Movement and this time, it was bigger and better!

As part of their physical training, we drive them to realise their strength and practice resilience in overcoming the challenges that they will face not only in the programme, but also in life. We’re always here rooting for them as they take bountiful leaps and reach for greater heights.

Stay tuned as our BWT4 trainees embark on their Bettr learning journey in May!

Will you take a leap of faith and join us? Applications for future intakes are always running. Enquire to learn about our social programmes.