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12 Aug 2022 | Cheryl Ng

Aidil: Finding a Friend in Bettr


Aidil acknowledges that his journey with Bettr has not been completely smooth-sailing. In the beginning, he felt left behind, as he could not keep up with his batch mates’ progress. From our Emotional Intelligence (EQ) training, Aidil worked on his attitude, improving his discipline and patience. Although he sees the benefits of EQ training, he admits that it is not easy to control his feelings from time to time.

"I was worried initially, but it got better as I picked up new skills along the way. It’s like once you start learning something, you’ll want to continue learning more."

During his internship, he also struggled with his punctuality. He found it difficult to wake up early and be on time for his 8am shift. Preferring to prepare beverages on the back end, he was uncertain and not confident facing customers.

"I'm still not comfortable with facing customers. I'll try to step out of my comfort zone someday, when I feel that I've improved." 
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However through his struggles, Aidil was extremely appreciative of Michel, his batch mate, seeing him as somebody he could click with. He was thankful for Shirley, a social programme alumni herself, who took him under her wing for his internship and gave him advice along the way. When he could not remember the specific steps in beverage making, Guang Liang, would patiently teach and encourage him too.

Finding a friend in Michel, and mentors in Shirley, Sharifah and Guang Liang, gave Aidil the extra strength to persevere through our Holistic Training (HT) Programme. These relationships forged were unexpected for him, because of his tendency to be rather reserved and someone who takes awhile to warm up to new people.

We are especially happy to see our trainees and alumni supporting each other, and are proud of Aidil for trying his best! Motivated by the prospect of financial independence, he is determined to continue working in the coffee industry.

Looking to gain better strength and support, just like Aidil? Enquire to find out more about our social programmes.