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03 Jun 2022 | Cheryl Ng

An A-may-zing Adventure Awaits

This month, we continue to charge full speed ahead with the ongoing activities on our social programmes. Let’s take a look at what our Bettr Work Training (BWT) Programme trainees have been up to recently! 


What better way to kick off their learning journey by stepping out for some active fun in the sun? Braving the sun together, we spent an enjoyable afternoon building rapport with our trainees over a great hike and exploring places on our little red dot. It was indeed a test of our endurance and resilience, but we conquered it all!

Trekking together

We were really thrilled to see some of these familiar faces who dropped by for a chat, sharing their Bettr experiences and how it has helped them become who they are today.Having listened to their challenges, struggles, and how they overcame it all, we hope that these inspirational stories will continue to motivate our trainees on their learning journey.


Will our trainees choose to fight, flight or freeze when faced with challenges?As part of the emotional aspect of their training, we introduced Emotional Intelligence (EQ) to help them analyse their responses in challenging situations. As they gain a deeper understanding of how they can be in control of their thoughts and reaction, we hope that this enables them to better cope with their overwhelming emotions.

EQ Training

Stay tuned as we hear our trainees share about their internship experience in June!

Are you keen to hop on a Bettr adventure with us? Applications for future intakes are always running. Enquire to learn about our social programmes.