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17 Aug 2023 | Emily ng

Discovering a Path of Purpose: Azhar's Transformation through the Bettr Work Training Programme


Moments before joining the Bettr Work Training (BWT) Programme, Azhar stood at the crossroads of uncertainty. Contemplating whether this new path would truly shape his future or if it would just be another fleeting endeavour.

Azhar, a graduate of BWT intake 7, entered our fold through the recommendation of his case worker. With an interest in the art of coffee, the programme became a beacon that called out to him.

Meeting and working alongside individuals from diverse backgrounds and life stories, Azhar felt a sense of belonging from the moment he stepped into Bettr during our Coffee Taster Day Camp (CoTaDa) and describes his journey as an eye-opener. As he engages in thought-provoking emotional intelligence classes, he not only delved into his innermost emotions but also nurtured his self-assurance, enabling him to navigate through life's trials.

I have grown more understanding of my emotions and I'm more mentally focused and driven to do what's best for me. Before joining, I would still be lost in what to do in life. Now, I have a goal that I wanna reach and multiple other goals after that. I learned that I am still able to find joy in learning new things and be capable of it.

Today, Azhar stands as an integral part of our dynamic Events team, while crafting his skills as a barista at our retail bar outlets. The transformation he has undergone is remarkableā€”evolving from a state of uncertainty before joining Bettr to a beacon of mental clarity and ambition.

Azhar now forges ahead, guided by his aspirations, underpinned by the knowledge that each new experience unlocks the joy of learning and helps him harness his capabilities.

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