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01 Feb 2024 | Emily ng

Finding Strength: A Journey from Darkness to Light


Living with mental illness feels like suffocating under a heavy cloud, each day a struggle just to breathe. For Noah, this struggle was his reality, compounded by uncertainty and financial strain. But amidst the darkness, he found a glimmer of hope: the Bettr Work Training Programme.

Taking a leap of faith, Noah joined the programme, hoping to break free from the grip of negativity that consumed him. Surrounded by supportive classmates and understanding mentors, he found a safe space to confront his fears and embrace his true self.

Recalling his apprehension on the first day, Noah shares the courage it took to stand up and declare his identity, despite the fear of judgement. Yet, in doing so, he discovered a community that accepted him for who he truly was.

“One of the challenges I faced was coming out of the closet when I first entered Bettr. I was scared of being judged by others because of how I dressed and the way that I was representing myself, as I was wearing black coloured nail polish. I also did explain to them what I was facing my whole entire life; being judged, bullied and criticised by people saying a lot of hurtful things. My trainers actually understand my situation and what I was going through.”
BWT 9 Noah blog post images

Through the programme, Noah not only gained lifelong friends and support but also became more confident and better at handling his emotions. This, in turn, helped him face challenges in his everyday life.

“I think if I did not join Better, I think I would still be having anger issues. I would still be in a depressive state and I'll be jobless. I'll be very careless about myself, then I'll be hard on myself. But after I joined Better Academy, actually it helped me a lot. I'm doing great right now. I managed to overcome my emotions, my depression, my anger. I'm doing great, making a lot of friends.”

Noah credits his Bettr journey for his transformation. It is never too late to change the narrative of your life to be 100% Bettr.

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