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25 Jan 2023 | Cheryl Ng

Hui Zhen: The Best Place to Be is the Present

Bustling about the Bettr Academy, Academy Operations Executive Hui Zhen is all smiles as she comes over to chat. It's not long before our conversation blossoms into jokes and laughter. Seeing her speak with such ease, one can hardly guess that she once grappled with anxiety - making it a struggle for her to interact socially, or commit to any plans and long-term goals.

The turning point came when she participated in the Bettr Work Training (BWT) Programme in 2022. Though coffee wasn’t something she was particularly passionate about, she shares that the programme taught her a lot about herself, and she graduated with a new lens on life.

Hui Zhen 2
“If not now, then when? If not here, then where?”

Hui Zhen was first introduced to the BWT Programme by her social worker after she quit school. Interested in the programme details and the prospect of supportive mentorship, she decided to sign up.

Anxiety made me feel like staying at home. If I couldn’t do things up to a certain standard, I would rather not do it, and I was scared of being judged.During her schooling years, anxiety made interactions with schoolmates an arduous experience, and caused her to procrastinate and withdraw from the demands of the education system. Never feeling that anything she did was up to scratch, she shied away from experiences and responsibilities - quitting school and turning away from help when she most needed it.

“I was able to find myself.”

It was through the BWT programme that Hui Zhen finally got in touch with her own emotions. She says that she learnt to be aware of her thoughts and feelings, manage the highs and lows, and channel them productively.

What was most memorable to her, was the genuine care and concern by her mentors Suyin, Jo and Dayah. She recounts how they regularly checked in to ensure her wellbeing, worked with her on solutions to manage her turbulent emotions, provided her with a listening ear, and gave her fresh perspectives on life. "They sat down and talked with me at the end of every EQ class. I was able to tell them things that I never really told anybody. The programme gave me a solution and a way forward.”

Hui Zhen 1

As our conversation progresses, Hui Zhen shares her 2023 resolution, “Being present in the moment”. She has grown to realise how her emotional responses shape the circumstances and people around her. Moving forward, she aspires to live with intention and initiative, instead of letting life pass her by. The team at Bettr are heartened to see how far Hui Zhen has progressed, and we're excited to see what’s in store for her! 

Keen on finding your path, the way Hui Zhen has? Enquire to find out more about our social programmes.