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04 Nov 2022 | Cheryl Ng

Le Le: Waking Up to a Bettr World

What gets you up in the mornings, and keeps you going through the day?

While we’d love to say that we’re driven by a clear sense of purpose and greater meaning, that might not always be the case. After going through the motions for years and feeling like a rudderless ship, Le Le eventually found clarity of purpose and a renewed zest for life at Bettr.

Say hi to Le Le, a graduate from our Bettr Work Training programme.

“My biggest challenge was waking up and being positive. If I didn't go through this course, I am not sure what I would do. Now, I feel like I've learnt a lot. My world opened up. I get to experience the outside world, and interact with people.”

While Le Le disliked schooling and withdrew from it by cooping up at home, learning all about coffee instilled meaning and fulfillment in his days, drawing him out of his shell. “It had a big impact on me,” he shared.

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Before he joined the Bettr Work Training programme, Le Le drifted through life as days of the week blurred into each other. Staying positive was an uphill task, and waking up was the toughest part of each day.

Spurred on by his counselor’s encouragement and parents’ support, he signed up for the Bettr Work Training programme to pick up more in-depth skills and knowledge in specialty coffee.

As a hands-on person who enjoyed DIY activities like crafts, baking and watching online videos of popular baristas, his interest in coffee gave him the push to take the plunge into the world of coffee.

Learning about coffee gave him something to look forward to each day and helped him stay grounded and positive. “I found it suited me quite well; I really liked the class,” said Le Le.

Friendship and coffee make the perfect blend

Add friendship to coffee, and you get a blend like no other. While Le Le learnt the ropes of specialty coffee, a new world was cracking open for him, letting light and friends in.

“My fondest memory is hanging out with friends and eating at the coffee shop. My coursemates usually ask me for lunch.”

Reserved and introverted by nature, the friendship of his coursemates eased him into a new world. Gradually, he realised that opening up and socialising with others could be fun, as he grew more comfortable interacting with his coursemates and mentors at Bettr.

He was particularly thankful to Jo and Dayah, who were his pillars of support all throughout the programme and his secondment at Bettr’s roastery.

“Knowing Dayah is there whenever there's an emergency…I felt reassured that someone had my back. Jo was there for us when we needed help and guided us through the tough times.”

Whenever he faced challenges during the programme’s learning curve and practical tests and examinations, the support and warmth he received from his friends and mentors reminded him of why he was there.


Today, Le Le works in the Bettr roastery while continuing to learn about roasting and cupping. That bag of beans you got in the mail recently? It was probably packaged with care by Le Le. His colleague, Rudel, tells us that Le Le is smart, a fast learner and asks intelligent questions. We’re rooting for him, and can’t wait to see what lies ahead in the next step of his journey.

Keen to find purpose the way Le Le has? Enquire to find out more about our social programmes.