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17 Aug 2022 | Sarah

Lincoln: A Bettr Tomorrow

Imagine waking up every morning filled with dread and unwillingness to head to school. Just the thought of having to sit through endless hours of lessons felt restrictive, and that was what Lincoln braced himself to face every single day. He yearned for freedom beyond this confined space where he felt trapped.


Life seemed boring and meaningless, as if he was just going round and round in circles. He was in search of adventures that could add some colour and excitement to this repetitive life. With the support of his counsellor, he was introduced to the BWT Programme and decided that it was a timely opportunity to try his hand at a new skill. What fun it will be, he thought.

Little did he expect what he signed up for was more than just picking up practical coffee skills, and there was clearly no escape from classes, tests and examinations too. Were there times when he felt like giving up? He sure did. For someone who disliked schooling, the long hours of learning at the coffee academy caused him stress. He thought he was simply here to learn how to make coffee, but there were other educational aspects which reminded him of being back at school, and he showed slight resistance. It was a harsh reality that struck. He felt frustrated and unmotivated.


Despite this, he still anticipated learning and gaining hands-on barista experience, which was an area of learning he very much preferred.

“I tell myself, tomorrow will be better. Feelings are only temporary and they’ll pass - you won’t feel sad forever.”
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Keeping an open mind, he made substantial progress, and moved on to his internship at our Khoo Teck Phuat outlet, where learning became much more enjoyable with more opportunities to apply his knowledge and practical skills.

Due to his impatient nature, his working pace was inconsistent at the start, and it took him some time to achieve the steady pace he’s mastered over time. After going through months of training, he gradually saw improvements, discovering greater joy and satisfaction, especially in tamping and latte art.

As his passion for coffee making continues to grow, he looks toward combining these valuable skillsets he has acquired during the programme with favourite hobby - cycling. He wishes to realise his dream of owning a bicycle cafe someday, and we’re equally excited for Lincoln to achieve his dreams!

Keen to explore a bettr tomorrow, just like Lincoln? Enquire to find out more about our social programmes.