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28 Mar 2022 | Sarah

Moving on to Greater Heights

This month, we ride on the adrenaline rush as we continue to hustle and bustle with non-stop activities in our social programmes! Let’s dive deeper into what’s been brewing for our Bettr Work Training (BWT) Programme and Holistic Training (HT) Programme. 

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Remember our BWT3 trainees?

Last week, we visited Shin Tian who is serving her secondment at our long time partnering cafe, The Social Space. Hard at work as a Cafe & Retail Assistant, cheery voices filled the air the moment we entered, and we were pleasantly greeted by her. A warm welcome, check. Good vibes? Check.

Since being part of the BWT Programme, Shin Tian has enjoyed every bit of the mental, physical and emotional aspects of training. She’s had a chance to build her skillsets and knowledge. Working alongside a great team with positive culture and dynamics, she looks forward to going to work every day, learning in this comfortable environment.

Being in the service line, it’s inevitable that she gets caught up in sticky situations with different customers. She recalled about the time she had an unpleasant encounter with an angry customer due to their order being delayed. She felt that the customer’s actions were rather uncalled for, but she weighed the effects of her reaction and fought back the urge to rebut on impulse. She was glad that the emotional intelligence skills taught on the programme was put to good use, as they helped her to better manage her emotions.

Another unexpected takeaway, is the bond that she has forged with her batch mates. They may have experienced some disputes over the months, but it’s also brought them closer. They keep in touch with one another and she takes time to visit them during their attachment to check on how they’re coping along.

“I want to be remembered as that good-natured, loving person who has tried her best in everything she does.”

Though setting foot on the BWT path may have started out as a hasty decision - seeing how the Bettr Barista team goes the extra mile, by being her pillar of support, she’s determined not to give up.

With all due respect and trust, she’s grateful for this protective space that she confides in, allowing her to voice out or reach out, without fears of being judged. “I think I can’t afford to give up anymore. I want to see this through and finish what I’ve started,” she said. With this belief, she continues to find her strength within to push through all the adversities she’s faced. She’s confident that so long as she perseveres, she’ll eventually reach the finishing line and do herself proud.

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As the cafe owner and her supervisor, Daniel observes that Shin Tian is a good fit within the team. At times, he may be strict when she makes fundamental mistakes, yet she always displays a positive attitude in receiving feedback. “She’s an intelligent and hardworking girl. I always encourage her to reflect on her goals and direction in life - she shouldn’t stop here,” he said.

"At the end of the day, I’ll be very happy to witness how the BWT Programme and working at The Social Space has developed not only growth in her career, but also improving her life as a greater individual.

Bettr’s core has always been focused on changing lives through coffee, and we continue to take pride in doing so by cultivating individuals with our social programmes.


We may have been busy bees rolling out all our activities, but we’ve never stopped enrolling. With every new intake, some traditions are here to stay. We held our virtual Meet and Greet, welcoming our new HT Programme trainees onboard the Bettr family. We went through a few rounds of self-introduction, getting to know one another and sharing a fun fact or two.

Stay tuned as we journey with HT31 as they go on adventures in April!

Interested to join us and be onboard this journey to seek greater heights? Applications for future intakes are always running. Enquire to learn about our social programmes.