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What’s brewing? Catch up on the latest here.

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A Leap of Faith

In April, our social programmes buzzed with great synergy as we took our first shot at running concurrent intakes. How exciting!

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Moving on to Greater Heights

We continue bustling with activities in our social programmes! Let’s dive into what’s brewing for our Bettr Work Training (BWT) and Holistic Training (HT) Programmes.

#BehindTheB: Bettr Wonder Women

This March, we go #BehindTheB to shine the spotlight on some of our wonder women.

Wesley: The Bettr Game Plan

“I felt that joining the programme would be the wiser decision...I’m also challenging myself, to see if I’d be able to commit to a purpose in life rather than just gaming it away.”

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Growing Bettr Together

Our dear Bettr Work Training (BWT) Programme trainees have gone through mental, emotional and physical training. We believe they're all geared to conquer their internships.

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The Start of Something Wonderful

Here’s a glimpse of what took place during our Bettr Work Training (BWT) Programme. We welcomed the third batch of BWT students - what a great way to start the year.

Lukas: A Safe Space to Grow

"Back then, I was out of school...I didn't know when my next meal would be, or where I was going to stay. Bettr Barista taught me life skills that I couldn't learn in school."

Atika: Learning Never Stops

“I hope that whenever my kids feel like giving up in life, they will think about how their mum still went and studied in Bettr Barista. Then they don't have to feel down."

Zaza: Empowered

"Hi, my name is Zaza and I’m from HT24. Back when I joined Bettr Barista, at that point of time I was lost. I didn't know what to do. I was almost giving up."