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Q-Grading and the Origins of Third Wave: An Interview with Trish Rothgeb

Before there was third wave coffee, there was Trish Rothgeb. Trish has since helped shape the world of third wave coffee as a roaster, trainer, and Q-Grader.

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An Accidental Passion - A chat with SCA Trainer Annemarie Tiemes

A career in coffee may start with simply learning to pull an espresso, but it can eventually branch out into the vast and fascinating world of specialty coffee.

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Pour your Passion: An Interview with Shawn Chen

Shawn Chen skillfully maneuvers a stream of frothy milk, cascading into the coffee, and within seconds a perfect winged tulip appears.

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Partnerships between mission-driven women

It’s the partnerships between mission-driven women that are the most empowering tool to spread holistic well-being through coffee.

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Experiencing Ywar Ngan: An Origin Class

“Okay, why not?” Three little words that can kickstart many a great adventure. For Lin, Ken and Sellrin, this was their mindset to joining the first-ever Origins Class to Myanmar.

Behind a better bean: Coorg, Karnataka (South India)

This International Women’s Day, we’ve asked how one very international woman has taken up specialty Indian coffee as a beacon for sustainability and health.