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28 May 2019 | Sarah

Partnerships between mission-driven women

In our last post, we talked with Cat of Howl & Kodama, one of our coffee partners in India, who is bringing her family’s specialty coffee to Singapore (now being featured in Bettr Barista’s signature Bold Heart blend). It’s the partnerships between mission-driven women that are the most empowering tool to spread holistic well-being through coffee.

Howl kodama live bettr

Cat and Leo’s first conversations with Bettr Barista started about 3 years ago when they walked in for coffee classes and learned about our Holistic Training Programme. Knowing that it included components of mental, emotional and physical support and training resonated deeply with Cat. “It was a dream to realise that there’s another place out there that has so much integrity and commitment to all these areas,” Cat says.

With such strongly aligned values, Bettr Barista founder, Pam, also agreed that the partnership was a no-brainer to go ahead with. “We had never worked with Indian coffees before,” Pam recounts. “But when we tried Cat and Leo’s, it met the marks. It was bold, less acidic, more spicy. And with their story, intent, and values, it just checked all the boxes.”

For Cat and Leo, Howl & Kodama is not just a coffee business, but a vehicle for them to carry out their mission for access to natural foods, starting with coffee. “It’s a dream partnership for us,” remarks Cat. “Pam embraces what Leo and I are doing and wanted to establish a long-term partnership with us because she gets our story and she gets our values.”

Pam’s leadership in coffee has propelled her to hold a chair on the SCA board - the largest, international coffee association in the world, which Cat looks up to:

“Pam is such an inspiration. Seeing her on the SCA board is motivating because it's this global board leading the way of coffee standards. I would love for more people to know about Pam, for more girls and women to get exposure to seeing someone like her on that global stage and be inspired.”