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05 Mar 2024 | Emily ng

Faqar's Remarkable Transformation: From Fury to Friendship

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Life is a journey of transformation and growth. It's about learning, adapting, and becoming the best version of ourselves. This is the story of Faqar, whose journey from a hot-tempered individual to a person who is in control of his emotions is nothing short of inspirational.

The Spark That Ignited Change

Faqar was once known for his fiery temper. Quick to anger with sarcastic remarks, he often found himself amid conflict and tension. But deep down, he knew that this was not the life he wanted to lead. He longed for change, for tranquility, for understanding.

It was this yearning for a better self that led Faqar to enrol in Bettr’s Work Training programme (BWT). Here, surrounded by mentors and peers who are all on their journeys of self-improvement, Faqar began to see the world—and himself—in a new light.

The Course That Changed Everything

This programme is designed to equip students with not only practical skills in the F&B industry but also physical and emotional skills trainings to Bettr their lives. For Faqar, this was a revelation.

At the beginning of the programme, we also prompted students to compose a letter addressed to their future selves, outlining the transformations they hope to achieve upon finishing the course.

“Looking at the letter I wrote 6 months back, I didn’t expect that I can complete this course and graduate. Then I don't know when but my determination and my thinking have somehow changed. In the blink of an eye, it occurred to me that I had completed the course and somehow, it has also made me a better person.”

Through the holistic training in classes, group activities, and reflective sessions, he learned the true power of empathy, active listening, and effective communication. He discovered techniques for managing stress and diffusing anger. But most importantly, he learned that controlling one's emotions does not mean suppressing them—it means understanding them, respecting them, and expressing them in a healthy way.

Building Bridges, Not Walls

As Faqar applied these lessons to his daily life, something extraordinary happened. The same people who had once braced themselves for his outbursts now sought his company. Faqar wasn't just controlling his temper; he was using his newfound emotional intelligence to forge genuine connections with his batch mates. Here is a recount of his fondest memory while training at Bettr.

“I have forged a bond and friendship with everyone in my class. It started off by asking where to go and lunch and we lunched every day. After the end of each day’s programme, we would relax and catch up with a drink.

Bonds were formed that went beyond the confines of the course—bonds built on mutual respect, shared growth, and the understanding that everyone has their battles to fight.

A New Chapter

Today, Faqar stands as a testament to the transformative power of self-awareness and dedication. His journey is a reminder that no matter how entrenched our habits may seem, change is always within reach.

Faqar's story is not just about overcoming anger; it's about the beauty of human connection and the strength we gain when we choose to grow together. It's about the courage to face our inner turmoil and emerge not only unscathed but enriched.

Faqar credits his Bettr journey for his transformation. It is never too late to change the narrative of your life to be 100% Bettr.

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