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26 Jan 2022 | Cheryl Ng

The Start of Something Wonderful


On 4 January, we welcomed the third batch of BWT students - what a great way to start the new year.

With fresh faces on board, our bigger Bettr family couldn’t miss out on extending a warm welcome. We had a virtual meet and greet session to say “Hello and welcome” to our BWT3 students. The entire team is super excited to provide support as the trainees embark on their learning journey. We look forward to witnessing their growth as they undergo holistic training to prepare themselves for the Food & Beverage industry in the upcoming months.

IMG 6829


In the first week of the programme, our students were actively engaged with some fun in the sun. They started their day with a calming Yoga session, then travelled across the island for an Amazing Race. Through these activities, we saw how they stretched their potential as they pushed themselves to overcome various challenges. The race towards self discovery has begun!


In order to encourage socialisation and foster camaraderie, our trainees also go for regular bouldering sessions at Boulder Movement. Nothing like friendly competition, to boost morale and ignite a fighting spirit.



As part of our holistic approach, our trainees were introduced to emotional intelligence (EQ) with the goal of building resilience. During the workshop, we analysed a few case studies, so they gained better insights around emotions management. Through discussions of EQ skills, anger management, and reaction cycles, they discovered effective solutions to better cope with emotional struggles.


Stay tuned to find out what’s brewing for our social programmes in February!

Interested to know more? Applications for future intakes are always running. Enquire to learn more about our social programmes.