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28 Feb 2022 | Cheryl Ng

Wesley: The Bettr Game Plan

If life was a game… how would you choose to play it?

In every game, you’re in control of your avatar, you call the shots and determine its fate. Game over, and you can restart immediately, to reach for the ranks. It’s pretty simple, but perhaps, it doesn’t always mirror real-life. As an avid gamer, 17 year old Wesley chose to play it wise and play it Bettr - he arrived, as a student, part of our Bettr Holistic Training (HT) Programme 30th intake.


Before joining the HT Programme, his life revolved around one hobby - gaming. He’d spend most of his time cooped up at home, fixated on his screen and gaming away. He was on the hunt for jobs, but gaming was his priority. Day after day, it became his routine and he lost himself in the gaming world. Afraid that his gaming addiction was getting out of hand, his uncle decided to step in and help him seek employment opportunities.

“I was only given two options to choose from. I felt that joining the programme would be the wiser decision as I’ll be able to earn and learn. In this way, I’m also challenging myself, to see if I’d be able to commit to a purpose in life rather than just gaming it away.”

To adapt to a new environment, a new lifestyle, was a challenge. He faced many moments of uneasiness settling in. As he mulled over his options - heading straight to work in the culinary field, or joining the HT programme and being equipped with coffee skills. He didn’t have much interest in either, but he knew he had to decide for himself.

“What went through my mind at that time - I had no qualifications in F&B. If I join any other cafe/restaurant, and it doesn’t work out, what would I have achieved or accomplished? If I join the Holistic Training Programme at Bettr, I see a goal to work towards - the Work Skills Qualification (WSQ) certificate, or any other certification that I can achieve. I thought it was the smarter choice, and I felt more secure taking that track.”
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After weighing the pros and cons, he finally decided to join Bettr. Perhaps, it was a true gamer’s mentality that sparked in Wesley - the fervent pursuit of achievement and accomplishment which fuelled such motivation.


“It was really tiring at the start, I had to let go of gaming - I couldn’t play as much as I used to, so I could get a decent amount of sleep, and I mean decent, not even sufficient. Even now, it’s still tiring, but I’m coping and adapting much better. I actually feel that it’s quite fun!”

Having been a long time night owl for so long, starting his day in the morning was a challenge. Moreover, getting sufficient rest meant sacrificing his game time, which was his primary source of enjoyment and stress relief.

At times of stress, he found a friend to confide in instead, and gradually, he realised that having a confidant was effective for stress management and he became less reliant on gaming. He also really enjoyed learning about coffee- its a fun topic after all!

“It's hard to find others who are willing to teach. When I experience how they teach, or how they communicate, they're actually not trying to force anything. I enjoy the flexibility here." 

Compared to other working environments, he feels surrounded by warmth and familiarity at Bettr. He loves how everyone he had encountered was very encouraging, which was not what he had expected. Recounting on who has been a pillar of strength for his Bettr journey, he mentioned Jo, his trainer at Bettr Barista Coffee Academy. She reminded him of his grandmother - a friendly, humorous and great instructor. Being in such a nurturing environment, proved to be a lot easier, and he truly cherished this opportunity.

“If I hadn’t joined the programme, I'd probably dread going to work, just making money everyday. And of course, playing my games.”

Ever since he made the decision to join the programme, it has been nothing but fruitful, as he picked up holistic skills along the way. He discovered a greater purpose in life, a motivation like never before. Working long hours may have been tiring, but he’s confident that he could still go on the very next day.

“I believe we’re here on earth for a reason, so since we’re already here, we should just stick with it and make the best out of it.”

Will you choose to level up at Bettr, just like Wesley? Enquire to find out more about our social programmes.