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Assembly talks

Heighten the awareness of social impact and sustainability through engaging talks for Secondary schools

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. 
What if life hands you a bag of coffee beans?

For more than a decade of dedication towards championing social impact for the environment and communities, Bettr has used coffee as a vehicle for change.

Interested in our social impact work or advocacy efforts as a Business As a Force for Good? Reach out to us to find out more on how we can inspire and educate your students.


How to be more aware of your Carbon Footprint

Students will learn to develop a sense of awareness and responsibility over their carbon footprint through understanding:

  • Impact of Carbon Emissions on the World

  • Source of Carbon Emissions

  • Ways to reduce Carbon Emissions

Social impact

Using Coffee as a Vehicle for Change

Students will learn about the coffee industry, its impact and how a social enterprise like Bettr is using our business as a force for good to create a positive impact. Students will discover:

  • What goes into making a cup of coffee

  • How Bettr uses Coffee to teach Emotional Resilience through a Hand Brewing Demonstration

Our assembly talks

Based on our experience, this works best. But we are also able to tailor the talks to your specifications 

  • 30 - 45mins
  • 1-5Secondary
  • 30-200Group size

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