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Community Initiatives

We’re here to make some noise but we’re also here for good. Re-writing lives and shaping futures has never been easy. And they begin with inclusive opportunities and accessible education.

Community Initiatives

Coffee is our vehicle for change.

It’s just a bean but it’s also the tool we use to reshape the world and make it Bettr! 

We adopt a whole-person approach to personal development, impacting every individual in a caring, compassionate and meaningful way.

Over 12 years of running our social programmes:

  • more than 250 students trained in our programmes
  • 73% Holistic Training programme graduates found a job within 6 months after graduation
  • 89% Bettr Work Training programme graduates found a job within 6 months after graduation
  • 102% increase in annual income

Short programmes for Youth

If empowerment is the key to individual change, the spark of transformation is lit when people begin to see and understand things in a new light. 

Adjust and Try Again (ATA)

For: Youth in Secondary Schools, aged 13-17

What is it? Coffee-skills based resilience training 
Duration: 3 hours weekly session, 3-6 sessions

Participants will learn through making coffee how to systematically evaluate triggers and cope via subsequent adjustments, with a view to acquiring the discipline to apply adjustments one step at a time to continuously improve.

Co Ta Da
Coffee Taster Day Camp (CoTaDa)

For: Youth who are Secondary School Dropouts, LTAs or MSLs, or looking for employment aged 15-26

What is it?
2-day taster camp involving immersive and holistic training 
8 hours, 2 days

This is a short taster programme that seeks to inspire youths to learn more about the coffee industry as well as to help them gain insights into the sustained work and discipline needed to be a career barista.

Holistic and Work Training Programmes

Our deep programmes recognise the multi-faceted challenges that marginalised individuals in our community face and address them by helping participants reshape their beliefs and sense of identity on a holistic, all-encompassing scale.

HT 1
Holistic Training Programme

For: Marginalised individuals, aged 16-60

What is it? Transitional work programme involving the training and job placement of individuals within the coffee industry
4 months, full-time

A comprehensive, all-round training regime that provides mental, emotional and physical training. On one hand, participants will be taught how to scale up holistically, the skills necessary to deal with life’s challenges. Complement this with the knowledge and experience necessary to kickstart a career in the specialty coffee industry.

Work Training Programme

For: Youth aged 15-60

What is it? Vocational programme focused on providing F&B industry-wide skills to interested youths
2 months, full-time

Earn as you train and prepare yourself for a brighter future and enhanced prospects. With the Work-Study award, participants receive a stipend and sponsored training made possible by Credit Suisse APAC Foundation and the Bettr Group.

Curious about our programmes

But not sure which one is for you? Just drop us a line and we'll be glad to guide you!