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Adjust & Try Again

ATA is a weekly programme of 3-6 sessions (3 hours per session) which can be conducted at Bettr Academy or held at the school’s premises by special arrangement.


Who can benefit

This programme features a class size of 6-12 secondary school students, and is aimed at those aged 13-17.

  • Students who prefer hands-on learning
  • Students At-risk (Long-term Absenteeism, Mainstream School Leavers)
  • Teachers and Educators
  • Student Welfare Officers / Student Development Team

Falling down. Making a mistake. Feeling disheartened by challenges. These are all things that life throws repeatedly at us. Learning early on to cope, learn and pick yourself up is thus an all-important skill that will never go obsolete. Adjust And Try Again (ATA) aims to inculcate a specific attitude to life: to evaluate triggers systematically, to adjust to a challenge, and to apply with discipline adjustments one step at a time to continuously improve. All this is illustrated using coffee skills. It’s a life lesson, learnt the Bettr way. 

Class components include:

  • Introduction to espresso and drip coffee skills 
  • Resilience training through coffee skills simulation 
  • Reflections through circle time and group learnings 

ATA helps students develop a positive approach to mistakes and hurdles to increase resilience when they are discouraged, and practise the tenacity to continue trying. We have successfully completed runs of this programme with students from Damai Secondary School, Pei Hwa Secondary school and Clementi Town Secondary School in the last year, with excellent feedback. 


Students are expected to be tasting coffee. 
Maximum of 2 teachers in the class at anytime. 

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