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Social Programmes

At Bettr, people and outcomes are at the heart of everything. Designed to help marginalised groups, our social programmes emphasise a whole-person approach that allows participants to gain the skills they need for personal development. It’s all about ensuring the needs of every individual are cared for at every stage of their journey with us.

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Coffee is our vehicle for social change

Not just coffee, but a recipe for a Bettr world

Bettr's heartware

Our social programmes are what defines us and makes us different, Bettr. We help marginalised individuals improve their employability via holistic personal development, and provide work opportunities for them at inclusive workspaces.

Holistic training

Our programmes may be built around coffee, but what we want is for our trainees to gain skills, confidence and a sense of empowerment. By focusing holistically on their growth, they will be better equipped to navigate life’s many challenges.

It takes a village

Our broad-based approach to human development means we often pair up with like-minded partners to provide opportunities to our trainees – options and possibilities that they may not otherwise have access to. 

Programme Framework

Completing our social programmes will give you a leg-up as a job-seeker. You have the assurance of a guaranteed work placement, a network of F&B professionals behind you, and the following advantages for any career you pursue:

  • To build up your confidence, emotional resilience and self belief, we incorporate emotional training into various aspects of our programmes. Boosting your EQ will quickly help you become more independent and a better team-player. Acquiring these soft skills and coping mechanisms will also be generally beneficial, even beyond work, and especially in times of stress.

  • Want to be Bettr at the game? Then learn from the best. As a world-class professional academy, you can expect a holistic syllabus that will not only impart technical skills in coffee but also help you with mental training and developing self-discipline. You will receive accredited qualifications, with a WSQ Certificate in Specialty Coffee giving you a professional edge in interviews.

    In addition, you’ll be able to surround yourself with industry experts and award-winning mentors who want to empower you to succeed, plus a diverse group of colleagues to support you in your endeavours. 

  • A good dose of physical training is incorporated in our programmes because we believe healthier bodies are inextricably linked with healthier minds. You'll be exposed to  a range of physical activities including yoga, hiking and rock climbing. By encouraging socialisation, teamwork and fostering camaraderie, we think you can grow speedily into a Bettr you.

  • Your paid internship will allow you to explore an exciting career in the coffee and F&B sectors. With your skills, qualifications and experience, you can certainly open the door to a wide range of options when you graduate.

Our Programmes at a glance
Holistic training programme
Bettr Work training programme
Transitional work programme that trains and place individuals into employment in Coffee IndustryVocational programme focused on Youth, providing F&B industry-wide skills for those looking into F&B industry

15 - 60 

15 - 60
Duration20 weeks10 weeks
RemunerationUp to S$6,050Up to S$2,580
Intake DatesClosed for 2024September Intake
Application period: 8 July - 16 August
Orientation: 3 September
Programme Commencement: 9 September
November Intake
Application period: 23 September - 25 October
Orientation: 5 November
Programme Commencement: 11 November

Social Programme Journey

While the outcomes and goals may be similar, the journey through our programmes can be a little different. We'll assign you the programme that suits you most, based on your specific needs.

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