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Coffee Experience Workshops

Looking to bump up the collective spirit in your team? Do it the Bettr way today! We have years of experience helping people and organisations build stronger and more meaningful connections over coffee – now available in person or online.

Coffee Experience Workshops

Bringing Teams Together

Our coffee themed workshops are crafted to deliver a fun and interactive team-building experience for groups of all sizes and across industries.

We have more than 10 years experience in the field of professional coffee training: 

  • 2,000+ courses and workshops conducted
  • 7,000+ students from 30 countries
  • First SCA Premier training campus in the region 

View our full range of team workshop offerings, perfect for an office outing or with a group of your friends. Just drop us an enquiry to learn more!

In-Person Workshops

Catch up and bond with your colleagues or friends over coffee in our interactive, multi-sensory workshops. 

Coffee Appreciation

Have an enjoyable time learning about the world of specialty coffee. Discover your favourite cup and get a hands-on opportunity to tap into your inner latte artist.

From 90 minutes

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Celebrating Sustainability with Coffee Soap

Find out how you can positively impact our environment by making your own soap with your used coffee grounds.

From 90 minutes

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Life Skills From A Cup of Coffee (EQ)

Discover the methods and tools behind a good cup of coffee and how making a great brew relates to the way we can manage challenges in life.

From 90 minutes

Virtual Workshops

Working remotely or in a global team? Enjoy our coffee experiences with your teammates from the comfort of your home, or wherever is comfiest. 

Coffee Choc Pairing img
Coffee & Chocolate Pairing

Great if you love chocolate, coffee or both. Perfect for beginners, but also an excellent choice for those looking to learn a little more about sensory skills.

From 60 minutes

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Brew Along

Watch, learn and practise – it’s so easy with our experienced trainers. Learn the unique flavours of coffee from detailed demonstrations, and check out the equipment that brings them to life.

From 60 minutes

Keen? Enquire to learn more today.

Share your questions with us, or let us know which experience caught your eye.