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Coffee & Chocolate Pairing

From Farm to Table, the journey of Chocolate and Coffee are largely similar. Pairing of both Chocolate and Coffees allows us to explore a sensorial playground, as they both possess a wide spectrum of interesting flavours.

Coffee and Chocolate Pairing

This workshop consists of

Duration: From 60 mins (recommended group size starting from 10 pax)

Venue: Online via Zoom

1. Coffee Today

Be introduced to the stages of specialty coffee processing from bean to cup, the history of coffee and its evolution to what it is today.

2. Taste & Pair: Coffee & Chocolate

In this guided sensory experience, savour the chocolate and coffees we’ve paired for you, and notice how their flavours and aromas complement each other. 

Virtual Experience Kit includes:

- Single serve coffee drip bags (3 types of coffee)
- Chocolate bars (3 types of chocolate)
- Flavour wheel and placemat
- Drawstring pouch

Each participant will receive one experience kit, delivered to a Singapore address.

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