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Coffee Appreciation

Love drinking coffee? Now you can learn more about specialty coffee and show off your latte art skills too.

Coffee Appreciation

This workshop consists of

Duration: From 90 mins (tailored according to group size, recommended group size starting from 10 pax) 

Venue: Bettr Academy or Off-site

1. Sustainability in Coffee Today & Sensory Game

Understand the impact of coffee on the environment and how you can be more sustainable while enjoying your favourite cup of joe. Become a discerning consumer as you learn about coffee flavours and aromas through a multi-sensory activity.

2. Watch & Learn: Hand Brewing

Understand the essentials elements to an ideal brew as trainers demonstrate popular hand-brew methods. Identify your favourite brew parameters and methods while sipping on coffee.

3. Try Your Hand @ Latte Art

Watch our trainer demonstrate a variety of basic latte art designs before trying your hand at pouring your very own latte art. Our trainers will guide you to achieve your masterpiece.

[Team Challenge] Latte Art Competition

For ultimate bragging rights, each group will create their collective latte art masterpiece. Teams will be graded on factors like creativity and storytelling. The best team will be crowned winner.

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