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SCA Cafe Skills Programme


Course Overview

Unlock a pathway to leadership with this curated series of courses, tailored to empower learners in creating, preparing, and championing specialty coffee experiences. Elevate your ability to engage with customers and collaborate seamlessly with colleagues, all while promoting the retailer's pivotal role in advancing a more sustainable coffee industry.

Course Duration

To complete the SCA Cafe Skills Programme, learners have to successfully complete all the different courses required. Each course has different levels of certification such as Foundation, Intermediate, and Professional. The total duration needed to complete the courses is 18 months.

Who Should Attend

Personnel who hold leadership positions in creating, preparing, and promoting specialty coffee experiences, while communicating with customers and colleagues about the retailer’s role in promoting a more sustainable coffee industry.


Upon successful completion of the program, learners will be awarded certificates for each of the SCA courses listed in the 'Courses to Complete' section, along with the SCA Cafe Diploma. 

Learners who have completed the programme requirements may apply for the SCA Cafe Diploma here

Courses to complete

SCA Barista Skills

SCA Brewing

SCA Sensory Skills

SCA Roasting

SCA Coffee Sustainability Programme

  • Coffee Sustainability Foundation (Coming Soon)

SCA Coffee Technicians Programme

Funding information

SCA Skills Programmes For webpage 9%

SCA Skills Programmes key information

  • The SCA Skills Programme must be completed at Bettr Academy within 18 months from the date of signing up for the first course required to fulfil the programme.

  • Upon completion of the intermediate courses, learners may register for the professional modules three months thereafter.

  • Past students who have attained the previous SCA Coffee Diploma are eligible to enrol in outstanding courses and can apply for the new SCA Skills Programme.